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Why it Might Not Be a Good Idea to Purchase Glasses Online

Though most of us are accustomed to shopping for anything and everything online, eyeglasses are one item that needs to be cautiously reviewed prior to clicking that buy button. Why? Although online optical dealers often advertise cheap rates, the advantages of purchasing glasses at an optician far exceed the ''deals'' you might encounter through the Internet.

A persuasive reason for buying your glasses at an eye wear store rather than online is that you have an experienced optician to help you select the proper glasses. Our opticians can assist you with the countless decisions you'll make in choosing the right glasses. In instances where you purchase through the Internet, you forgo the experienced advice of an optician.

Because your head shape and eye shape are unique, it is rare to find the best fit for your glasses without first trying them on. An optician will note your measurements and choose eyeglasses that are a good fit and won't cause discomfort. Eyeglasses that are too small tend to cause pressure and headaches, while those that are too wide can quickly slip off your nose. Online optical boutiques may offer advice, but it is challenging to try and fit yourself.

Even more than the comfort and alignment of your eyeglasses, great vision demands correct PD measurement. The optical focus of your lenses provides you the best vision, making it important to properly measure the pupillary distance, or PD. It can be complicated to determine your own PD, but without this measurement, your lenses won't be aligned correctly within the frames.

Yes, Internet shopping is often good for other purchases, but in the case of eyeglasses you're best off sticking to your local optometry practice where you can get eye glasses that fit you and your lifestyle.