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Contact Lenses and Cosmetics: Do’s and Don’ts from your Lexington, KY Eye Doctor

If you wear contacts a few guidelines should be followed when using cosmetics. Below are some professional pointers on how to make sure your eyes stay beautiful and healthy.

Purchasing Makeup

First and foremost, we recommend that you purchase only cosmetics that are oil and fragrance free. Further, to avoid peeling and smearing, which could result in bothering your lenses, purchase water-resistant mascara and eye liner pencils. Lastly you should switch eye makeup frequently - ideally mascara monthly, eyeliner after three months and shadows every 6 months.

Tips on The Safe Application of Cosmetics

Make sure you rinse your hands thoroughly prior to applying your contacts. Put on all eye makeup carefully to prevent scratching your contact lenses. Don't touch a brush or liner to the inner eye lid and start mascara at the center of the eyelashes instead of the base. Don't share makeup with others or apply if the eyes are red or infected.

In addition to removing eye makeup every day try to think ahead and opt for glasses when dying or treating your hair with a chemical.

Adhering to these guidelines when using eye makeup during contact use can avoid red, swollen or inflamed eyes and scratches, breaks or breakdown of lenses.

If your eyes become swollen or infected avoid wearing makeup. Feel free to contact your eye doctor if you have any swelling, pain, or inflammation. Our Lexington, KY optometrist can assist you with any contact issues that are troubling you.