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Eye Care on The Go!

EyeMax is offering telehealth appointments! Patients that are unable to come in the office can now take advantages of our telehealth services. These are the steps that will take place in scheduling a telehealth apt.
1. Patient will call the office to schedule a telehealth apt time and date
2. EyeMax will send you a link to your email
3. At the appointment time patient will click on the link
4. Once the patient clicks on the link The telehealth appointment with your Doctor will Start!

Proper eyesight is required for safe driving. As a matter of fact, road safety requires several different visual capabilities including the ability to see both near and far ahead, peripheral vision, night vision and color vision, to name a few.

Distance vision is very important because it helps you to evaluate the stretch of road in front and detect any dangers that might be present. Most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to act fast and avoid an accident from happening. And on the flip-side, if you struggle with distance vision you may not be able to see dangers in time to stop an accident.


Equally as important is peripheral or side vision, which allows you see to the sides of your vehicle, which is crucial to be aware of pedestrians, animals and cross traffic without having to look away from the road ahead. Strong peripheral vision is also crucial for switching lanes and making turns. Make sure you know how to use both your side and rearview mirrors. Check they're well-positioned, to assist your side vision.

Road safety is also highly dependent on good depth perception. This helps you measure distances properly in busy driving conditions, change lanes and pass other vehicles on the road. Good depth perception needs proper sight in both of your eyes. If one lacks proper vision in one eye, it's important to check with an eye doctor to determine whether it is okay for you to drive. It may be suggested that you refrain from driving until your vision is corrected to achieve proper depth perception.

Accommodation also plays an important role on the road. Accommodating is the capability to shift your focus from something ahead to something in front of you, for example, from the road to the dashboard. If you're over the age of 45 you might have increasing difficulty with near vision, and it's normal to require reading glasses or another vision correction solution to see your dashboard. Make an appointment with your eye doctor to discuss the best option.


Try not to hold off until you renew or get your driver's license to make sure your vision is in check. You can't afford to risk your own life or the lives of others on the road! If you suspect your vision isn't up to par, visit your eye doctor, and have a thorough eye exam right away.