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April is National Sports Eye Safety Month!

When the springtime comes, along with a greater chance to engage in outdoor sports, comes an increase in the number of sports related eye injuries. Each season, many people, both young and old incur eye injuries as a result of sport play that could easily be avoided with suitable safety measures and knowledge. Wearing proper eye protection while playing sports is important especially in high-risk sports or those that bring you out into the sun's rays such as field hockey, baseball, cricket, racquetball, wrestling, water polo, or fishing.

Lower your risk of a sports related eye accident by wearing the correct protective eyewear right for the activity you are participating in. The right eyewear will keep you out of harm's way and will also have lenses that minimize your exposure to ultra-violet light for outdoor play. Eye wear made specifically for sports is made to withstand certain incidents. Everyday frames and lenses typically aren't adequate for impact resistance, meaning that a minor collision can mean an actual sight-threatening injury.

Protecting your eyes during sports goes beyond using the correct eyewear. Your sight is a primary part of how well you compete, so you must have good eyesight. If you ordinarily need glasses, you might need protective sports glasses or goggles that have a prescription to make it easier to be safe. If you wear contact lenses, you may need a different lens than the ones you use everyday. Contact your optometrist regarding the choices at your disposal.

Each sport has differing demands and dangers, so it's important to allow your eye care professional to identify your specific needs and provide the right glasses or lenses that best fit your vision. This will help you give you the boost that'll help you succeed and enjoy sports safety.

All sports have different needs and risks, so let your optometrist identify your unique needs and provide the right glasses or contact lenses best for your vision. This will help you gain the winning edge that'll help you succeed and enjoy sports safety.

Playing sports and physical activity is a vital part of a positive lifestyle. Nevertheless remember never to overlook the safety of your eyes and vision. Taking these additional steps will only allow you to enjoy longer years of playing sports and good vision.