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EyeMax is offering telehealth appointments! Patients that are unable to come in the office can now take advantages of our telehealth services. These are the steps that will take place in scheduling a telehealth apt.
1. Patient will call the office to schedule a telehealth apt time and date
2. EyeMax will send you a link to your email
3. At the appointment time patient will click on the link
4. Once the patient clicks on the link The telehealth appointment with your Doctor will Start!!/1323903/0/article.html

At EyeMax, we utilize all the latest technological advancements to provide our patients with the most thorough and efficient eye examination available.  SPOT is the newest instrument available for testing refractive errors, pupil size, pupil distance and eye alignment! It can go ANYWHERE and test ANY EYES!  SPOT is relatively small, lightweight, and easily transportable (slightly bigger than one of those more expensive digital SLR cameras with a fairly large zoom lens attached). The testing sequence is straight forward. You turn it on, enter the appropriate data, reduce the room illumination, have the patient look at the camera (the patient fixates lights that can be associated with various sounds), and then within about a second or so, obtain the desired results.  Please click the link for more information, and come visit any of the 3 EyeMax locations to meet SPOT!