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April Is….

EyeMax is offering telehealth appointments! Patients that are unable to come in the office can now take advantages of our telehealth services. These are the steps that will take place in scheduling a telehealth apt.
1. Patient will call the office to schedule a telehealth apt time and date
2. EyeMax will send you a link to your email
3. At the appointment time patient will click on the link
4. Once the patient clicks on the link The telehealth appointment with your Doctor will Start!

Women's Eye Health and Safety Month.
      Women often Manage family concerns, notes PBA. However, they may, in some cases, overlook their own health needs. Many may not understand how factors such as hormonal changes, age, or smoking can affect vision. The sponsoring organization offers information on both women's and family eye health issues through its Web site (

National Youth Sports Safety Month.
      Supported by more than 60 organizations (including the American College of Sports Medicine, the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and the United States Olympic Committee), the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation's National Youth Sports Safety Month program offers safety tip sheets for children, guidelines for coaches and parents, and suggestions for special events to promote sports safety (